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Apartments in downtown Becici

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The Pearl Apartments are first rate studio apartments, 150m away from the beach. You can walk to the beach using a pedestrian bridge which is over the main road near the Bellavista Hotel.






The Pearl Apartments are located in the central part of the resort city of Becici, only 150m away from the beach. Located next to Budva, the center of Montenegro’s seashore, tourists have the advantage of being near both tourist places, the possibility of a peaceful rest on Becici beach or sightseeing the Old Town of Budva and other historical and cultural landmarks. There are various sports and recreational activities near and on the beach, and also there is a vibrant nightlife. If you want a peaceful vacation near the beach, or if you like the sun and the sea, Pearl Apartments are the right place for you. The Pearl Apartments are conveniently located so that you may enjoy both a peaceful vacation and a great nightlife experience.